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"Sometimes I just fall asleep. I was hyperactive as a child and they gave me speed to counteract that, and it supposedly brought on the narcolepsy, because I started getting it after that. It comes and goes. I mean, if I’m lying in bed and it happens, I’ll just sleep for a few hours. It’s only happened in the middle of a live show a couple of times. I just passed out. I can wake up within a couple of seconds. I’ve fallen down a lot of times." - Kurt Cobain, 1992.

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you oughta know


i made a quick cover hello

Lukes face is a mix between young dicaprio and young brad pitt

5 Seconds of Summer: Selfie Wars

i just wanted to say your tag "forget about michaels hair look at ashton being a hoe" made me laugh okay this was lame bye

He’s such a hoe

5sos being tested on the current time of Australia +

Cuz I can feel your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight, let you put your hands on me