Anonymous: Im in the mood of watching some movies. To a girl who has seen less than 20 movies in her entire life, what do you suggest me to watch? List as many movies as you want please :) thank you.

A nightmare on elm street, pretty in pink, august rush, trainspotting, step brothers and donnie darko are a few of my favorites

Flowers by Édouard Manet, part III.


Detail of “Lady of the Pink Lake”

Rebecca Chaperon

Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 24” 

#ice #cave #art #vancouver #artistsontumblr

Anonymous: I wish we lived in the same place cause I think we'd be best of friends.

Oh my god baby ily ples :’(((((


hiiiiiii, so i reached 1k on this blog and i’ve wanted to do a follow forever for so long (for no reason at all) so i’mma do it now that i hit the 1k followers!! :D

first of all i’d like to menton a few friends:

(wow this part was longer than expected)

ali ✿ you are like the coooooooolest person i know, and i am so glad we are friends (i always tell you)(u are the best), you know i love hanging out with you (and i can’t wait for u to move to barcelona so i can annoy u 24/7!!!! well u will annoy me too but i dont care) i am so glad we met a few years ago on tumblr!!(and this year in real life because i love your hugs #nohomo!!)(i am gonna hug u so hard the next time i see you, i hope sooooooooon)<3 <3 <3  

nora & laura ✿ ehehehehe ur my bad bitches and i’m not gonna say anything else <3 <3 i love u both very much and i love hanging out (and partying)(hell yes) with you! you are really good friends and i appreciate you a lot ! (i wish berta had a tumblr so i’d put her here too!!!)

calra (or karla hehe) ✿ ughh carla carla!! you are an amazing person!! i love hanging out with you, and i wish we could do it more often :( the first time we actually met irl was a bit sad (you know why!!) but it was still amazing and i wish i could go back to that day and make everything right :(!!!!!!! wow i can’t believe we met over some justin bieber’s blogs we had back in 2011 hahaha ily carla <3

sofi ✿ do i even need to put down in words how much you mean to me and how much i love you without even knowing you in real life?????!!!!!!!!! you know you are one of my best friends (and im not saying it as “wow ur like one of my best internet friends”, no you are just one of my best friends ever!!!) and well im not gonna be long and gay here because WELL lbr i tell u how much i love u prob 50 times a day<3 <3 <3, just know that you are cool and amazing!!! never change! i love you<3

em ✿ oki doki last but not least!!!!!!!u are my favourite hummuuuluv and i love you ver much, you are one of the funniest people i knoW (and ur puns are always A+++)(i’m so glad me and sofi introduced u to 5sos bc now u can cry and feel our pain!!) ily em!!!!! ur v cul <3 <3 <3 xoxo

and um well i am gonna list some blogs/bloggers that i love on here (don’t feel left out if i didn’t put you, i follow around 200 blogs so it was hard to chose)


my current tumblr crushes: 

babyissomethingwrong (10%)✿ englishlovaffair (8%) ✿ mpregashton (5%) ✿ idkvamps (4%) ✿ goldhemmings (4%) ✿ baracliffords (4%) ✿ lukehemings (3%) ✿ lukeshm (3%) ✿ closerasstrangers (2%)

(i have around 200 mutuals so this was hard!! sorry if i left u out)

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I’ve been watching cardcaptor sakura all day till now and it’s 2am

Nirvana – Moist Vagina